With a profound understanding of strategy, branding, marketing and design, we create compelling identities and visual communications that help clients engage with their audiences. Delux exploits the full range of print and digital platforms, to ensure that every project communicates effectively across all media channels.


From concept and design to implementation, we offer a full creative service. For every client, we conceive distinctive ideas and innovative design solutions – the ones that position a client apart from the rest. For each design task we create clarity, quality and authenticity.


We're strategic thinkers and believe that design opens minds and enables real impact and innovation. Through research and creative consultancy, we explore ways to provide new perspectives to position organisations - helping them to share a strong vision and connect with audiences.


What makes a brand appealing and unique – we ask ourselves this question to get under the skin of a business or product. We look for its essence and translate this into designs that brings a brand to life – making it a relevant and memorable experience.


Photography is an integral and powerful way for brands to communicate with audiences. With our extensive experience with commissioned photography, art direction and styling, creating photo briefs and high-end photography retouching – we add an irresistible element to any assignment.


The power to engage. Illustrations and motion graphics have the unique ability to condense large amounts of information into a captivating story. We work with you to provide creative illustrative work that incorporates data visualisation, infographics, icons, and your own illustration line or animation.


We have a passion for words. Words entice, explain, evoke, advocate and inspire. From creative copy to strategic documents, from books to presentations, we have the team and skills to formulate your thoughts and communicate your messages eloquently and effectively.